Cofficient Empowers Employees

Cofficient, a leading Scottish Oracle NetSuite partner, is proud to announce their transition to an employee-owned company.

April 9, 2024

This significant step underscores Cofficient's longstanding commitment to its team and a future built on shared success.  The company operates from Hillington on the outskirts of Glasgow.

By placing ownership directly in the hands of its employees, Cofficient is creating a powerful environment that fuels innovation and exceptional client service.  This dedicated team, now with a personal stake in the company's success, will be even more driven to deliver outstanding results for Cofficient's valued clients.

Cofficient's directors and co-founders, Paul Grant and Paul Tindal, see this transition as a natural evolution of the company's core values. "We've always believed in putting our people first," says Grant. "Employee ownership is a perfect fit for our vision. It empowers our team and allows them to share directly in the rewards of their hard work and dedication."

Luise Reid, an ERP consultant at Cofficient, echoes this sentiment. "This is an exciting time to be part of the Cofficient team," she says. "Knowing that we're all owners strengthens our sense of purpose and gives us even greater motivation to deliver exceptional service to our clients."

Cofficient is filled with enthusiasm for the future as an employee-owned company.  With a team that's deeply invested in the company's success and a long-standing commitment to people-centric values, Cofficient is poised to push boundaries and reach new heights.

"We're incredibly optimistic about what lies ahead," says Tindal. "Together, we're ready to take Cofficient to the next level, continuing to provide exceptional service and innovative solutions for our clients."

David Beveridge, Managing Director of Macdonald Henderson Ltd, who have supported Cofficient said “It has been Macdonald Henderson’s privilege to have supported the company on corporate and commercial (legal) matters for a number of years, and to witness the growth of the business and its blue chip client base. We are delighted to have advised Cofficient and its dynamic leadership team on this exciting transaction, and wish the employees and all stakeholders every success for the future.”

Also supporting Cofficient through the transition, John Blair, Corporate Finance Partner at Consilium said “We are delighted to have supported Cofficient on the transition to Employee Ownership and we look forward to seeing the business go from strength to strength.  We are advising on an increasing number of similar transactions as owners start to see the tangible benefits of Employee Ownership.”